We can embed a Video player in your website by setting a Layer as a Video.
When selecting the Video layer, we will  be able to provide a link to a video, that will be presented on the website.

Supported video links are:
  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • MP4
  • Gif
The embedded video player can have these settings:
  • Auto Play
  • Loop
  • No Control Buttons

Video Players Demo

Publishing your website is a 2 steps process:
  1. Preview - Create a preview website that only you know the link for.
  2. Publish - Once you decide the website is ready, you can Publish it.
  • Each Preview has its own version number, which is incrementing every time your create a Preview.
  • You can create as many Previews as you want.
  • You can always Rollback the live version to a previous Preview
  • Preview

    Preview version allows you to see your website in a browser before publishing it and making it live to the world.

  • To create a Preview version:
    1. Click the Create Preview button.
    2. Leave the Selected Artboards Only checked or uncheck it if you want only the selected Artboards to be included.
    3. Click Create Preview
    4. Depending on the size of the images, fonts, and amount of Artboards this can take between a few seconds to about a minute.
    5. Once ready, a dialog will popup and display the unique URL for the Preview website.
    6. Click Open to visit the Preview website.


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