Update Product Status Using Import Cockpit.

                       Update Product Status Using Import Cockpit

The process of updating product status through Import Cockpit as follows,

The Hybris Import Cockpit enables you to easily import data into our Hybris system.
We need to update a product status in import cockpit, we have 3 hierarchy levels.
1.Create a new import job
2.Create a new Mapping
3.Run Job Now

Import mappings enable you to easily load large volumes of data from a variety of external sources into the Hybris application as a flat CSV file.

Before going to update a product status, create a csv file with required attributes like below.

Make sure above products should always be an existing product, because in parts portal products was pushed from SAP, so no need to create any products.

To start the cockpit, go to the Hybris Multichannel Cockpit page:
In a Web browser enter the below address http://localhost:9001/importcockpit/index.zul.

Create a new import job:

Step 1: To create a new job, follow the steps below:

 Step 2: It opens a pop up to create a new job.

 Step 3: Click on create a new item and click on next and give appropriate name and click on done.

Step 4: Now provide source file, and click on done

Step 5: Click on create a new item and click on done

Step 6: Check the below details, make sure change the separator character to “,” and click on next.

Step 7: Click the Upload Dialog button. Browse your computer and upload the CSV file. Click Done.

Step 8: Choose the file from local directory.


Step 9: Provide job name and click on done.


Step 10: New job is created successfully.

Creating a new Mapping:

The Hybris Import Cockpit enables you to create a new mapping very easily. You just drag and drop the attributes from your imported file and map them onto the Hybris Multichannel Suite attributes.
We can't start an import job without a mapping.

To create a new mapping, follow the steps below:

Step 1: On the Welcome tab, click the View your jobs button.

Step 2: Click the Edit mapping button

Step 3: Click on create new mappings


Step 4: Assign the catalog version and target object and click on done.

Step 5: Drag the attributes from the Source column and drop them to the Mapping column on its left side. And same as drag the corresponding attributes from the Product column and drop them to the Mapping column on its right side, to create a mapping.


Step 6: Click the Validate button to check if the mapping is correct. If the mapping is correct, there are no errors indicated in the console.



Step 7: Click the Save button to save the mapping.


After click on save button, new mapping is successfully created.

Step 8: Start your job directly after creating a mapping. Click the Run job now button in the top right corner. Make sure action mode should be in “update”.

Step 9: Check the job status and results.

Check whether the products updated or not in HMC.

Now we need to synchronize the product from Staged --> Online
Here we have 3 ways to synchronize products in Hybris.
2.Back office
3.Product Cockpit

The below way is the one of the way to synchronize the products from staged --> online and click on start button.

If you want to synchronize product,


Solr Indexing:

We all know that most of the product attributes are indexed, which means they will be retrieved from the Solr when we do the search of a product.

Steps for the solr indexing as follows:

1.Go to HMC
2.System --> Facet search --> Indexer Operation Wizard and click on start.


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